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New Leaders Council

The 2015 Northeast Conversation: A Modern Constitutional Convention

NLC_NEC_Save_the_Date_v2.pngIn light of the issues surrounding net neutrality, education, income inequality, and the tragic events of Ferguson, Missouri, and the death of Eric Gardner, the Philadelphia Chapter will host a forum on how our founding documents inform (and come up short on) the rights we have taken for granted as 21st Century Americans. Our Modern Constitutional Convention will, much like the first in 1787, bring to delegates from New England and the Mid-Atlantic to Philadelphia’s famed Old City to discuss how we can continue to form a more perfect union. Fellows, alumni, and partners will take part in a daylong discussion on both the broad strokes of interpretations of the Constitution, and the minutia of individual topics. Our attendees will be tasked to draw up amendments to our constitution, to create rights more suited to a society with one foot on the ground and another in cyberspace, and to update a document designed to bring equality to a nation that was disparate in 1776, but in 2015 is still among the most economically unequal in the world.

May 05, 2015 at 10am - 1pm
National Constitution Center
Chaka Campbell Satish V. Poondi Brandon Brown Olivia Bercow Kiersten Reichner Michelle Cotton Evan Spiller Sara K. Kylie Patterson Jordan Royale Poole Brendan McPhillips Naomi Rothwell Numa St.Louis Meghan Blickman Heather Grantham Rachael Frumin Eisenberg Richael Jay Mugnetta Lindsay Tucker So Sarah Goodman Dan Siegel Shane G Seaver Gregory Young Danielle Justina Michael DeLamater Kevin Bowles Jonathan Reid Michelle Feldman Sarah Lynn Geiger Rebecca Kirzner Kristyn Stewart Chris Kuncio David Gloss Britney Leigh Hines Jeremy Pesner Yolande Greene Liza W Kevin Harden Jr. Stephanie Lagos Daniel Harris Washie Wash Kristine Medley Farmer Anne Marie Rhoades Charon Rose Elliot Griffin Zach Billet Jennifer Lehman Shariq Ahmad Sarah Verbofsky

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